Sweet Summertime

Last Saturday was simply a gorgeous day. It was definitely a summer day! So I headed over to the Spenard Farmer’s Market. It was really cute and had some pretty nifty stuff! I was content. And enjoyed all the Alaskan hippies ;)

Photo May 25, 10 06 14 AM

Homemade honey and jamsPhoto May 25, 10 16 44 AM

This lady was exceptionally colorful :)Photo May 25, 10 17 14 AM

Chalk and music!Photo May 25, 10 17 56 AM

Cupcake truckPhoto May 25, 10 18 37 AM

One of the cuter shops of which my inner design-nerdness came out.Photo May 25, 10 18 58 AM


Photo May 25, 10 19 16 AM

Homegrown Alaska.



The days continued to be beautiful, sunny, and upper-70s for the next several days. I was thanking God from the depths of my sun-lovin, made-for-the-outdoors heart. A couple days ago I was just itching to go swimming! (Did you know there are TWO lakes with beaches and swimming in Anchorage?!) So I called up my friend, Bridget, and we decided to go to the beach! There were so many people there, and we actually got in the water, which was cool, but we got used to it and thoroughly enjoyed the sweet summer day.

Photo May 29, 7 56 48 PM Photo May 29, 9 04 47 PMI’m loving the summer. Living here makes me love it so much more. Half because it’s so perfect and beautiful during this season, and half because the winter gets old…


Now that it’s June, this is the beginning of an exciting month! I’m turning 21 tomorrow, which is beyond surreal, we leave for Texas on the 5th, my “little” brother is graduating on the 7th, Nick and I will be marred for 2 years on the 11th, AND Nick is turning 24 on the 28th! PHEW. I’m loving it! I plan to soak up every sweet sweet moment while we are in Texas, and I look forward to the rest of the summer.

Thank you Jesus!


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