A Month in Review: June

As I said in my last blog, which was so long ago, June was a huge month for the Kleeb family, and will be every June probably since both of our birthdays and our anniversary is in that month. PARTY!

I turned 21 June 2, and had an awesome day with the hubs.

Photo Jun 02, 1 16 45 PMPhoto Jun 02, 7 13 50 PM

After church, I got a relaxing mani-pedi.Photo Jun 02, 3 50 07 PM

That evening, we went to the famous Mooses Tooth and I got some delicious Apple Ale and a sampler of their marvelous locally brewed beers. We had a great evening!

Photo Jun 02, 7 33 40 PM

Photo Jun 02, 7 38 16 PM

Nick got me a Banana Caramel Cheesecake for my birthday cake (my FAVE from our favorite sweetshop here in Anchorage called Sugarspoon). It was absolute heaven and a great end to a great night.Photo Jun 02, 11 42 03 PM

The next evening I went out to THE CUTEST Champagne and Oyster Bar, The Bubbly Mermaid, with my friend Tanya. We had a blast, and as designers we just swooned over that adorable, nautical place. Needless to say I will be going back.Photo Jun 03, 8 44 31 PM Photo Jun 03, 9 14 19 PMPhoto Jun 03, 8 16 01 PM Photo Jun 03, 9 05 58 PM

After my birthday it was off to Texas! I still can’t believe Zach graduated. That kid!

Photo Jun 07, 4 34 49 PM

Being in Texas was filled with lots of pool time.

Photo Jun 07, 9 27 09 AM

And of course coffee on the porch/The Deck Sports Bar and Grill.Photo Jun 08, 8 13 47 AM

Since I was 21, (YAY!) we went to a few places I couldn’t go before, too! Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar was so fun. And my crazy family made sure to let them know it was my birthday! They made sure I felt special :DPhoto Jun 13, 6 16 02 PMPhoto Jun 13, 6 17 20 PM

Then Nick, mom, dad, and me went to the classy Scat Jazz Lounge, where I’ve been dying to go since I knew of it. It was absolutely perfect and Ricky Derrik was so fun (Dad told him prior to it was my birthday, so I got a shoutout and he played a favorite of mine and dad’s! :) ) Great memories were made.Photo Jun 14, 5 36 04 PM

Mine and Nick’s 2nd anniversary was on the 11th and we spent in in Texas. We got a room at the Gaylord last minute and had a lovely time together. That evening my parents had gotten us Rangers tickets, and we had a fun night with family!Photo Jun 12, 9 12 42 AM

We hung out at the sports bar afterwards and ended the night with lots of laughs. In the morning went to the waterpark together before heading back to Paradise. Happy Anniversary, love. What an unforgettable 2 years it has been. I am so excited about what the next year has in store!Photo Jun 12, 8 36 21 AM

So much relaxing, hanging out with family, beautiful sunsets, thunderstorms, good food, and just being with people I love was wonderful. I always cherish going home!Photo Jun 18, 6 03 22 PM

At the end of the month, June 28, it was Nick’s 24th birthday. We went to the batting cages, ate yummy red velvet cupcakes (Yes, again, from Sugarspoon ;D), surprised him with balloons, and had a great day.

Photo Jun 28, 1 18 21 PM Photo Jun 28, 1 45 28 PM

Overall, I’d say June was a pretty great month :)


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