DIY and Making a House a Home

Nick and I love doing DIY and home projects together. Since it’s summer, we decided to get some flowers for our entryway. They are really soaking in the sun and I’m loving the fresh color! I am loving summer.

Photo Jun 22, 2 15 42 PM Photo Jun 22, 3 57 14 PMWe also recently make a light for our bedroom. With some copper pipes, a vintage lightbulb, and some tools, we made a rustic, vintage light. Much cheaper than buying a similar one and more personable, I think! It also goes well with our shelf we put up a few weeks ago. Now we just need a splash of color in there! :)

Photo Jun 22, 2 52 33 PM Photo Jun 22, 3 32 57 PMWe got us a big leather chair from a garage sale and an antique coffee table came with it for free. It was a classy shape, but a little dated. So we decided to paint it for some more color in the living room. It goes great , and it was free–can’t beat that!

Photo Jul 03, 7 30 54 PM Photo Jul 03, 7 31 07 PM Photo Jul 29, 4 13 52 PMYay for DIY!


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