About Me

Hey guys I’m Casey. Whatever is on my mind, comes here! Throw in some cool projects, food, and some art and design in the mix, and you’ve got my blog. I’m a student right now studying Graphic Design and I love getting to learn and do what I love everyday. I married my best friend in June of 2011 and we live in Alaska at the moment (I’m a Coastie wife!) and we are just loving life together, along with our cat, Bro.

I think art, music, and dance are not of this world.

I love photography, also cooking. I say this because you’ll probably see a lot of this on the blog as well.

I have my own Etsy shop, Casey Created, filled with lovely things that you should check out HERE!

I am constantly thirsting for more knowledge and inspirations, so please feel free to leave me a comment! They are appreciated! :)


One comment

  1. So I noticed that u posted a New Blog on your facebook. Curious, I clicked on it and as much as i dislike reading, I started to read your most recent posts. Going all the way back to your first blog, i noticed it was about the fasting. I simply had no idea that u took your time to express your thought and ideas down. Mrs. Headley once told me that I should do exactly that. Mostly because it would simply help me appreciate others thoughts and feelings. I tried my own blog. I started typing on my phone and soon realized that there was clearly a whole lot of my feelings expressed right in front of me. Later, I decided that i was lucky i had that chance. I no longer feel the need to blog and it amazes me that you have taken time to do something that means alot to you, or at least it seems. I would never have the patience to do this. While its late and I will only gain 5 hours of sleep because im meeting Ashley at McDonalds at 6:30, I will most certainly come back to read your earlier blogs. Who knows it may inspire me. I also thought it was neat how a big part of your blogging was about God. Kinda makes me realize how much Our relationship truly has faded. Never in my life have I ever been so close to our Creator as you and Im glad u have unintentionally pointed it out. Well keep up the good work!

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