Illustration Project #2: New Year’s Eve

Well I’ve never been out on New Year’s Eve. I’ve always just chilled at the house and had some yummy grub with friends. So I thought it would be fun for Nick and I to find a band that was playing somewhere and go see them NYE! Unfortunately the only place that welcomed people under the age of 21 was a cafe that was having a band come (I won’t say their name! haha) We got there and, long story short, we stayed maybe 30 minutes. This band was just terrible! We laughed about it and ended up going home and partying it up just with each other :)

SO here is my depiction of our faces at the cafe that night when the band was playing! Happy New Year! :)



Introducing the Illustration Project and Illustration #1

So as I posted about several days ago, it’s my goal to make one illustration every week (hopefully! haha). What got me on this was when I bought a Wacom  Bamboo tablet a few months ago and I’ve been experimenting with it. I’ve merged my doodling, drawing, design, photoshop skills, and–most importantly–real life inspirations to create illustrations using this tablet. The following illustration is one that I did a while back that started this shenanigan:

Haha, so funny. So there you go! Illustration number one. I’m excited to get a ton of these out there by the end of the year!!! AND I WILL PREVAIL!!!




In a bit I’ll post the next one I just did tonight. Yay!