My “Things-I’m-Glad-Won’t-Be-In-Heaven” List

    So I was going to call this my “Hate List”, but I really don’t enjoy the word ‘hate’, so therefore the alternate, (I think better) title is the “Things-I’m-Glad-Won’t-Be-In-Heaven List”. Much better, right? Anywho, I made the list partially last night in my journal/diary and it’s basically stuff that’s on my mind right now. I would be able to name a bunch more if it was like my whole life.

   Ok, here it goes, the things I’m glad won’t be in heaven are:

  • mosquitos

  • razor burns

  • slow computers

  • hang nails

  • wedgies

  • stickers (in the grass)

  • stomachaches

  • heat/humidity

  • “that time of the month” and all it’s pre-symptoms

  • alarms

  • homesickness

  • that missing-someone feeling

  • expiration dates

  • hand cramps from writing

  • hate

Just to name a few in my lil brain at the moment…


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